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How it works


Choose the plants you will grow from our extensive catalog, sow the seedpods in the Linfa tray-pots and just fill the tank with fresh water.


Download the App, connect Linfa to WiFi. Watch it automagically recognize your plants and download the appropriate growing profiles.


Harvest and savour the freshness, appreciate uncontaminated healthiness.


Have your plants go on their diet to produce the perfect diet for yourself. Delivering the right nutrient solutions and climate control throughout the growing process allows us to customize plants nutritional value. Nutrition get squared!

Our Selection

Thoughtfully curated by our own experts, from fancy rare basils to exotic edible flowers. Our plants selection is a journey through the tastes and colors of the world, the surprising ingredient in your amazing cuisine.

Feed Your Creativity

Rare Plants

Saffron, Orchids, Mexican Chilli. With Linfa you can grow your own gourmet garden.


Every plant is a new experience. Play with different recipes and share your results.


Make fine cocktails with your herbs. Your drinks will never be boring.


Therapy for your body and mind. Learn the art of growing a garden.


Supercharge yourself with some exceptionally nutrient greens.

Italian Design

Linfa is designed and made in Italy to fit your home style in an elegant yet understated way. Perfectly at ease in your kitchen as in any other room.


Smart Lighting

Specific LED wavelengths reproduce sunlight as seen by the plant.

Organic Nutrients

100% Organic Nutrients for a healthier and safer growth.

Modular Design

Iconic, fully modular and organic shape inspired by beehives.

Cloud Connected

Over the air updates and sharing of growing profiles.

Smart Diagnostic

Complete self-diagnostic for total automation.


Control over pH and organic nutrient solution mix for fastest growth.



For you and your family needs

Your business

For your restaurant bar or commercial activity