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Download the app, connect Linfa to WiFi. Watch it automagically recognize your plants and download the appropriate growing profiles.


Choose the Mix you will grow from our extensive catalog, sow the GrowPods in Linfa’s cultivation tray and just fill the tank with fresh water.


Harvest and savour the freshness, appreciate uncontaminated healthiness.

A living theater

Linfa is the perfect set for nature in your home.

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Taste biodiversity

There are over 350’000 species of edible plants, each with its own climate and nutrient needs. Discover tastes never experienced before with the help of our community.

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Grow your own

With Linfa you have full control of your harvest.

You know exactly what you eat.

Nature right at your fingertips

Fancy yourself growing herbs and vegetables as skillfully as the world’s best farmers at the push of a button? With our proprietary software, you can monitor and control every aspect of your home farm, or simply sit back and enjoy the harvest.


Don’t worry, be happy.

With user-friendly reminders, you could just relax and watch them grow.

Space counts

Linfa is not a toy! It’s the only domestic farm in the world that works like the real thing.

And you can even hang it on a wall.

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Are you in the restaurant business?

Discover the Linfa Pro model for the Ho.Re.Ca sector, with exclusive and customizable Mixes.

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(Photo Matteo Lonati - Courtesy Assogi)

Enjoy the food r-evolution

Get now your fancy smart home farming system.