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Frequently Asked Questions

Any doubt? Try to look down here if you find the answers to your questions.

Dimensions: 60x52x35 cm/ ~ 23x20x25”. Weight: ~ 7 kg/ ~ 15 lbs (without water in the tank).

Your Linfa consumption depends mainly on the LED lamp. For this reason, during the “midday” of the light cycle that you set, the consumption will be larger. However the max consumption is always lower than 70W.

The water consumption depends on many different factors, such as the chosen Mix, the specific period your plants life cycle, or external conditions (temperature and humidity). In general your plants will nedd about 1 or 2 liters in a week. To let your plants grow at best, we suggest to maintain the water tank level at maximum.

Nothing serious. When you connect Linfa again to the electricity, after a period of about 40 seconds in which the light of the bright ring flashes slowly with white color, Linfa automatically reconnects to the Wi-Fi network. At this point the color of the bright ring turns green to indicate that Linfa is operational again.

Nothing serious. When electricity comes back, after almost 40 seconds Linfa will turn on, and if your Wi-Fi is still down, probably an irrigation will occur. After a short period all your Linfa functionality will be back.

If the lamp is not working as expected, first verify that it is connected to electricity and that the USB-C cable is well inserted. Make sure there’s nothing interfering with lamp’s functionality, as water, dirty, or dust. A reason why the lamp can be off is because the cultivation cycle is ended. You can verify it in your App. If malfunctioning persist, contact support.

The lamp is the most important part of your Linfa, please contact our support so to get a new lamp asap. Spare parts can be ordered at any authorized retailer or on

No problem, just disconnect Linfa and place it in its new location, verifying that the aforementioned stability requirements are fulfilled. Be wary that every Linfa model needs an Internet connection to work at its best. Make sure that the new location receives a Wi-Fi signal strong enough to not compromise the greenhouse’s correct functioning. Before moving your Linfa, make sure that the water tank is empty and lift it holding it from the bottom and NEVER FROM THE SIDES OR FROM THE LAMP, as it may break. Once your Linfa is in the final position, with the tank still empty, follow the “Calibrate” position in your Linfa settings menu.

We are manufacturing Linfa only with UE kind of plugs. If you are from USA or UK, you will receive a UE kind of plug. To start using Linfa, you need to buy an adapter.

Try repeating the water level sensor calibration steps as instructed by the “Calibrate” procedure the setting pages of your Linfa.

If the unit was sent to your old address and you have not received it, it will be delivered to your local post office. If you still have not collected it, it will be sent back to us. If this were to happen, we will contact you to confirm your new address and deliver it to the correct one.

You can donwload and install Linfa’s app from iOS app store or Google play by searching Linfa.

If you turn off your Wi-Fi during an active cultivation, Linfa doesn’t lose any data and continues to follow the profile you selected, making your garden grow. You can notice the absence of internet connection when the luminous ring is blinking yellow. Remember that, without internet, Linfa can’t send you any notification, and it will be impossible to interact with it through the App.

In this case it is necessary to apply a reset to Linfa: after manually resetting with the appropriate button (as described in the instructions manual), and on app, after having input the new network credentials and having connected Linfa again, follow the instructions to retrieve the last on going cultivation data, or to begin a new one.

You have to reset your Linfa. Follow the instructions on the user guide. You can find the user guide in section Documentation of our website.

The light timer and all functionalities linked to the photoperiod are exclusively set from the Linfa app, under “settings”.

Yes, you can delete the active cultivation. From Home Page of your app, select the Linfa, then slide to the left the panel with the name of the cultivation Mix. The red basket icon allows to delete the cultivation.

Sure. Linfa’s design is made to the most crazy compositions, so just push the button on the top-left in the home page of the app.

Sure. Everytime you add Linfa to your account, it will ask you to insert Wi-Fi credentials. Nothing prohibit to control, from the same app, many different Linfa.

It’s for your security. Until your Linfa is associated to your account, its hotspot will not be available. Furthermore it will protected by a random password to avoid any external connection. Linfa’s hotspot will come back only after a reset or a dissociation.

The precedure is really simple. From settings of your app, chose “Linfa settings” -> Disassociate -> Linfa’s name. Disassociation deletes the selected Linfa from your account, and removes all the growing data. Notice that disassociation is implies the reset, that also delete your Wifi credentials.

If Linfa loses connection with the Wi-Fi network, it will not be able to communicate with your app and therefore will not be able to provide updates on the condition of your cultivation.Verify that your Wi-Fi credentials have not changed or that the modem is connected and functioning. If the problem does not derive from your domestic network and the lack of signal persists, contact customer service.

If the app is not working, verify the compatibility of the updates of your app and smartphone. In case the problem is not the device compatibility, contact the customer service.

Once the cultivation cycle is over it is not possible to reuse the substrates; you can dismiss them following the recycling indications of your area.

In order to keep your garden healthy, follow these suggestions:

  • Frequently remove dead or dry leaves and flowers, so to reduce the formation of mold.
  • Remove plant parts that have grown too close to the lamp or are compressed against the sides of the greenhouse
  • Verify that the water tank is full, so to ensure an optimal concentration of nutritive solution.
  • If it seems that the plants are too packed, you can try pruning some branches in order to ease air circulation in the chamber and reduce mold development.

The stated germination times are determined in standard conditions, your seeds may simply need a few more days. If they do not sprout even after a long time, first check the expiration date on the kit package. Seed vitality significantly diminishes over time or with improper preservation (sudden variations in temperature, light or moisture). Even if our selected seeds always have a high chance of germination, being living things nonetheless, they may not sprout 100% of times, this is why we provide more than one seed per variety. In the event of no seed resulting vital, contact customer support.

Occasionally it may occur than one of the pants in your custom-made garden dies, the reasons can be diverse and absolutely natural. If a plant dies, sever it at the base of the stem and continue enjoying the rest of the cultivation. Instead, if you notice that all the plants in your garden are suffering or dying, do not hesitate to contact customer support.

It is possible that a plant may grow faster than the others. Make sure that the plant does not reach the lamp; in order to do so, you can prune or pollard your plant, ensuring no harm to the leaves or damage to the lamp.

It is perfectly natural for plants, especially in such a small cultivation space, to shadow each other; you can mitigate the problem by pruning the plants which shadow the others. Even so, do not worry if you see some leaves left in the shadow, Linfa’s geometry was planned to make the most of luminous radiation.

Do not worry when you’re not there to take care of your garden: Linfa will take care of it! Every management aspect, from irrigation to illumination, is entirely automated and controlled by the software. Before leaving though make sure that the water level is at its maximum, so that the plants don’t run out of water. As you’ve noticed, even though Linfa is highly automated, your plants need a human hand: if you have in mind of being away for more than one day, make sure that someone fills the tank and carries out the small cultivation procedures in your stead. As an alternative, our advice is to interrupt the cultivation and begin a new cycle when you’re back.

Once your plants have ended their cycle and are ready to be consumed, you’ll only have to set a new cultivation following the instructions on the app, and repeat the cultivation setup steps. For step-by-step instructions regarding Linfa’s management after your plants’ growth cycle’s end, follow the indications provided on the app.

No, it isn’t necessary to remove anything from the capsule. The only thing that needs to be removed is the “PULL” adhesive placed in proximity of the capsule’s supply valve.

Mold is a fungus microorganism that may develop in any place where specific temperature, humidity, and nutritional conditions are met. Fungus spores are found everywhere, even in the air of the location where you’ll choose to install Linfa. On the GrowPod they find the optimal conditions to grow (high and constant temperatures and humidity and nourishing organic substances). In most cases molds that grow within Linfa aren’t harmful for the plants or humans; this is why we have chosen not to employ poisonous chemical products to prevent their development. Though if mold is a problem for you, you may resort to fungicidal sprays available for sale (seek the advice of an expert: these products may harm your cultivation if used improperly or with improper doses). As an alternative, you can always manually remove the mold using a glove and a damp cloth, trying to keep the growing plan clean. Algae instead tend to proliferate anywhere the nutrient solution is exposed to light, and it’s therefore possible that they may form within Linfa; they are harmless both for plants and humans, make sure to meticulously clean the cultivation plan at the end of each cycle.

If you have received a wrong seeds and/or capsules refill, we are sorry! Let us know and we will provide you the correct refill as soon as possible!

Growing Cannabis is in general prohibited in many countries. In Italy, for instance, only some varieties can be grown. In other countries, like Spain, it is permitted to only grow a few plants per person.

Despite it would be technically possible to grow some species of Cannabis in Linfa (for size and type of cultivation) - including some which are “legal” in certain countries ‒ for reasons of caution and not to encourage its use for this purpose, likewise we cannot give instructions or advice on how to do it or directions on where to find seeds and consumer products.

In the near future we could give instructions on how to grow “legal” varieties and supply the relative consumables to those who request it.

Note: using intoxicating substances even in low concentration may produce dependency and be harmful to you and to others.

In case you haven't found the answer for your question please feel free to to contact us, our customer support will be happy to help you.