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Demineralized water: water from which the saline component has been extracted.

Safety stickers: stickers applied on Linfa that communicate the safety warnings concerning the use of Linfa itself.

Drip-off sticker (PULL): adhesive placed on the bottom of the nutrient capsules. It is used to seal the capsule during transport; it is the only adhesive to remove before using the capsule.

Informative sticker: sticker placed on the side of each nutrient capsule; contains information regarding the composition of the fertilizers contained and the belonging production lot.

Lamp power cable (USB-C): it is the cable that connects the lamp to the electronic compartment inside the base.

Cultivation cycle: all the phases of the life cycle of the plant, from sowing to harvest.

Cloud: Technology that allows you to use software and hardware resources via remote server.

Network credentials / Wi-Fi: set of information related to a network user (Wi-Fi network name and password).

Eliminate a crop: procedure selectable from the app through which you can eliminate an active crop and its data.

Cultivation stages: different stages of the cultivation cycle; they are distinguished in: germination phase, vegetative phase, flowering phase, collection phase

Package leaflet: contains information on the contents of the Mix, as well as some tips on positioning the GrowPod in the growing tank and on the best maintenance practices of your vegetable garden.

Grower: anyone ready to grow their own kitchen garden with Linfa!

Hotspot: Internet connection open to the public thanks to the presence of the homonymous transponder facility.

Hydroponics: soil cultivation technique, which involves the use of inert substrates (such as coconut fiber, expanded clay or rock wool) to replace the soil and a nutritive solution containing all the elements necessary for the growth of plants.

Growing mix: the set of GrowPods, nutrient capsules and seed selection. Everything you need to start a cultivation.

Association procedure: procedure by which Linfa is associated with an account.

Calibration procedure: procedure to calibrate the Linfa drawer water level sensor.

Dissociation procedure: procedure by which Linfa is disconnected from an account.

Profile of cultivation: set of parameters defining the characteristics (lighting, irrigation, fertilization, climatic management) of the cultivation cycle within Linfa.

Reset button: button located on the front of the lamp through which to activate the reset procedure.

Reset: procedure by which Linfa is returned to the factory state.

Luminous ring: it is the ring of state of your Linfa, the first visual feedback of the state of Linfa. For the legend for the interpretation of colors and behavior of the ring consult the appropriate section on the app. Nutrient solution: solution composed of fertilizers dissolved in water that allows plants to assimilate all the elements they need to grow.